Ultimate Member - AWeber Usage Instruction

This add-on requires the  Ultimate Member plugin.

Installing the Ultimate Member - AWeber Extension

Once the Extension has been downloaded you can install it using the standard WordPress method.

Download the Ultimate Member - AWeber extension from your account page
Log into the Administration Panels (Dashboard) of your WordPress site
Navigate to the Plugins | Add New menu item
Click on the "Upload" link in the horizontal menu under "Install Plugins"
Click the "Browse" button and locate the archive you downloaded (from above)
Click the "Install Now" button
Click the "Activate Plugin" link at the end of the installation messages.
Activate your License Key for automatic plugin update. To know how to activate your License key click  here

Initial Configuration

1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to the Ultimate Member -> Settings sub-menu. Once you are at the Ultimate Member settings page click the " Extensions" menu, then select " AWeber".
2. To use the plugin you will need to enter your AWeber authorization code, in the Authorization Code field provided. 
3. To get your Authorization code click on the link provided, a new tab will open where you have to enter your AWeber credentials after which you click the Allow Access button.
4. AWeber will then provide you with an authorization code that you are to copy and paste in the Authorization Code field.
5. After which you click the Save Changes button.

6. If your Authorization code is valid, a "Valid AWeber authorization code!" notice will be displayed.

Using the Ultimate Member - AWeber Extension

To use the Ultimate Member - AWeber Extension you need to add the AWeber field to your Ultimate Member Registration form and configure it.

When editing any of your Ultimate Registration form, click the " Add Field" link, and select the "AWeber" field

Once the "AWeber" field has been selected you can configure the "AWeber" field using the options available.

Title - This is the title of the field for your reference in the backend. The title will not appear on the front-end of your website.

Select a list - Select the AWeber list you want your users to be added to when whey register.

Subscribe Label - Enter the form label that will be displayed on the registration page, if left empty the default label "Subscribe to our newsletter" is used.

Sign-up Checkbox Default State - The default state of the sign-up checkbox. This is only used when the Auto Subscribe option is set to No

Auto Subscribe - Once this is enabled users will be added to the AWeber list automatically. This will hide the subscribe checkbox on the Registration page.

Once the AWeber list has been configured and added to the Registration page a newsletter checkbox is added to the registration page it is only displayed to users when Registering if the Auto Subscribe option is turned off.